Mysterious Condition Causes Man’s Penis To Grow To Colossal Size

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Most blokes probably wouldn’t mind having their manhood swell to gigantic proportions but for one man in Kenya having a colossal cock has been nothing but hell. 

Twenty-year-old Sorence Owiti Opiyo suffers from a mysterious condition that means his dangling dick is over ten times the size of an average penis and the whole thing has left doctors baffled.

According to BuzzKenya (where you can check out the uncensored photos, if you so wish), Sorence’s unusual illness is exceptionally rare, and is believed be the only known case in Kenya and perhaps even the world.


After his parents’ death, Sorence was taken in by his grandmother in the small Kenyan town of Kibigor, where at age 10, he began to develop strange symptoms.

A strange boil-like swelling began to develop around his most sensitive of areas and quickly grew. Doctors at the time treated the swelling but the condition persisted and his penis began to swell.


The growth forced Sorence to drop out of school because of bullying and crushed his dreams of one day having a family of his own.

Doctors are now preparing for a potentially life-changing operation to reduce the size of Sorence’s penis and help him manage the symptoms of his disease.

His family are seeking donations to help pay for the op at Jaramogi Oginga hospital in Kisumu.