Doctor Shows Shocking Difference Between British And American Medical Costs

by : Cameron Frew on : 28 Mar 2021 16:29
NHS Doctor Compares Medical Costs With American Healthcare And The Difference Is Massivedrnomzzy/chophosho/TikTok

An NHS doctor on TikTok has shown the stark difference in medical costs between the US and UK.

Private healthcare is available in the UK, but for the most part, people use the NHS. Simply put, pretty much all the things you have to pay for in the US, you can get in the UK for absolutely nothing. Especially during the pandemic, it’s been the country’s greatest asset.


The People’s Doctor (@drnomzzy), who has more than 37,700 followers, posted a duet with a healthcare professional in the US to show the massive difference in costs.

@drnomzzy##duet with @chophosho Ok it’s not that simple but we are so lucky to have the NHS in the UK ❤️ ##nhs ##healthcare ##doctor ##nurse♬ original sound – ChoPhoSho

In the TikTok, @chophosho goes through a list of procedures, medicines and other things, starting with a pint of blood. In the US, it costs $240. In the UK, it’s free.


He goes on: an ambulance costs $164 for each mile to the person in need; a one-day stay in the ICU costs $8,730; a craniotomy costs $27,130; a knee replacement costs a whopping $35,000; a hip replacement is even pricier at $40,364; scorpion anti-venom costs $50,000; and finally, a spinal fusion costs $110,000.

What do all of these have in common in the UK? They’re all free, thanks to the NHS. Well, free in a way – the British public pays for the health service through taxes and National Insurance contributions. However, this is an incredible trade-off compared to the hefty lump sums incurred by patients in the US.

NHS Doctor Compares Medical Costs With American Healthcare And The Difference Is MassivePA Images

People are also encouraged to buy medication where best appropriate; for example, paracetamol and ibuprofen can be bought super-cheap over the counter rather than receiving a prescription. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, they’re even free.


There are thousands of comments on the video, but one sums it up best: ‘God bless the NHS.’

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The People’s Doctor/TikTok
  1. The People’s Doctor/TikTok