NOPE: Man Squeezes Lots Of Pus Out Of Tattoo, Claims It’s MRSA


Ever wondered what happens when your body doesn’t react well to a tattoo? Well, this gruesome footage certainly sheds some light on that…

The video captures the moment a lad – who is thought to be from Australia – draining pus from his infected tattoo… and it’s not a pretty sight.


The stomach churning images show the bloke isn’t particularly concerned about his nasty wound and he just simply keeps squeezing a dark yellow, oozing liquid out of it. A big, heaping bowl of nope.

He then uses a tissue and a cotton bud to wipe the gunk away before claiming its the deadly bacteria MRSA, until bloody starts to seep out of the cut. Not fun times.


His friend, however, thought otherwise, adding: “That’s the good stuff right there. That’s your body fighting bacteria.” Whatever it is, it’s pretty fucking grim.

Once the video was uploaded to YouTube, viewers began offering ‘expert’ medical advice, good ol’ internet. One viewer said: “MRSA can kill a person and that looks really bad and should be taken care of by a doctor not by you.” While another added: “That whole place is now infected. MRSA can not be killed by conventional soaps and cleaners. They need to be wearing gloves.”

Enough to put you off getting a tattoo? Probably not…