NOPE: Video Shows Man’s Spot Erupting With Pus

Blackhead Colorfull/YouTube

It feels like YouTube is inundated with spot popping vids these days, but this one pretty much tops them all and it’s as grim as you could ever expect.

A guy called Brett is having a spot on his back squeezed by his mum and you can tell he’s not too keen (like anyone would be), and his surrounding family are filming it, as you do. The white head inevitably explodes under the increased pressure with fluid and pus spurting out.

Blackhead Colorfull/YouTube

Just to make matters worse for Brett, his mum isn’t holding back and keeps squeezing to get a bit of crimson out too. Whilst he’s screaming in pain she continues squeezing and the family are finding it equally hilarious and disgusting. While some were quite looking forward to seeing it online.

One female family member can be heard to say:

This is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. You better put that on YouTube. This is YouTube-worthy. This will outdo the video of the man with the most disgusting boil.

By the end of his ordeal he was left with a huge hole, excruciating pain and have the whole, embarrassing experience broadcast to the world. Could it have got any worse for Brett? No, probably not.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t get more spots any time soon…