Obese Mum Loses Half Her Weight In Unbelievable Body Transformation

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Jun 2016 12:48

An obese woman who used to drink four litres of Coca-Cola a day has undergone an incredible body transformation after realising that she was setting a terrible example for her children.


36-year-old, Karlye Thurlow weighed 120 kilograms (over 18st) and was a size 22 after her second child was born, but through hard work and determination she managed to lose 60 kilograms in nine months.

According to the Daily Mail, Karyle from New South Wales, Australia would drink four litres of coke a day and felt ‘unhappy and tired all the time’.

Karyle explained that she became aware she was being ‘hypocritical’ while cooking healthy meals for her family.


She said: 

I was cooking food for my son when he was a few months old and it hit me. I just felt hypocritical nurturing my family and teaching them to eat properly without leading by example.

I lost the first 20 kilograms by myself by changing my diet and walking for an hour every day. I was too scared to go to the gym because people had been really cruel towards me because of how much weight I was carrying.

Despite being worried about people picking on her she eventually decided to hit the gym, getting a personal trainer and losing another 60 kilograms.

As her weight began to drop she realised how much extra weight she’d been carrying and that emotional stresses had triggered her weight gain.

Karyle explained how her mother was in an abusive relationship and how hard it was to see her mother be put through that.

I stopped putting myself first and started doing everything for everyone.

I have now learnt to put myself first. I make sure I get my exercise in, I hang around like minded people and I teach my children about healthy food.


To lose the weight she ate protein and leafy greens at lunch and dinner, snacking only on fruit and cottage cheese. She also cut out all liquids except water and home-made smoothies.

Unfortunately, as Karyle began to lose weight things began to get difficult at home.

Her first child, Amber was diagnosed with autism and her younger son Logan was also diagnosed with the condition. It was around this time that she also realised she’d fallen out of love with her husband.

When I made it to my goal weight I had to acknowledge the other things in my life which weren’t making me happy.

Unfortunately one of those things was acknowledging my marriage was over. I needed to be happy on every level. He is an amazing man but I had fallen out of love with him.

Regardless, Karyle says she’s happy with her life and is loving her new look. This is an amazing and inspiring transformation – well done Karyle!

Tom Percival

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