Overweight Couple Have Wedding Again After Losing Over 14 Stone Between Them

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Jul 2017 12:46

Most couples treasure their wedding photographs, but for William and Janice Robertson, these pictures could be of different people entirely.

The overweight couple from Fife were so in love they didn’t care about the extra pounds they were both carrying. Junk food and a lack of exercise had brought them both to an unhealthy weight.


Janice could only fit into a size-22 wedding dress and had struggled to find anything that would fit. She had spent what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life feeling sad, self-conscious and uncomfortable.


However, their lives took a turn when William received a shock diabetes diagnosis. The lovebirds knew it was time to shake up their lifestyle for the sake of their health.

The pair really threw themselves into their new routine, joining a local slimmer’s group and shedding a remarkable 14-and-a-half stone between them. Janice lost seven stone while William lost just over seven-and-a-half…


Janice has revealed they both have a bit of a cheeky competitive streak:

We are best friends and we do everything together. We both decided to lose weight. It was so much better because it became a bit of a competition.


As they reminisced over their old wedding photographs, they decided they had to renew their vows, celebrating both their ten year anniversary and their slim new selves. This exchange of vows was to be a whole new experience entirely from the original ceremony.


According to Janice:

When we first got married, it wasn’t enjoyable. I was a size 22 and none of the dresses fitted me. I was sad about how I looked in them.
But when I went dress shopping for the second time it was amazing.
I was trying on size 12 dresses and I could practically try on every dress in the store. When I saw myself I burst into tears.

Take a look at this proudly glowing couple…


Overweight Couple Have Wedding Again After Losing 14 Stone Between Them

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The difference is almost unbelievable and their new found confidence practically radiates from their beaming smiles.

The close friends and family who attended the ceremony were astonished by the unrecognisably svelte and healthy couple saying their ‘I still do’s’.


This is a love story with not one, but two happy endings.

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