Paramedic Shows Why You Should Never Remove Impaled Object From Person’s Body

by : Cameron Frew on : 27 Mar 2021 18:58
Paramedic Shows Why You Should Never Remove Impaled Object From Person's Bodystolenambulance/TikTok

A paramedic on TikTok has explained why immediately removing an impaled object from someone’s body is a bad idea. 

It’s something you see in movies all the time; either the bad guy or hero will get stabbed with a massive knife, or shot with an arrow, and they just pull it out and continue fighting.


It may seem like the almost-rational thing to do – why wouldn’t you want to remove the painful item from your body? Well, because it’ll do even more damage, basically.

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TikTok creator @stolenambulance, who has nearly 23,000 followers, recently posted a video explaining why you shouldn’t just removed an impaled object from a person’s body.


She takes a bag of water and puts three sticks through it. At that point, there’s only a small amount of leakage – so if you imagine the water was blood, you’ve actually got the wound under some degree of control. However, once she takes them out, water spills out everywhere and… well, you get it.

In response to a comment saying you’d have to take it out eventually, she filmed another video saying, ‘Yes, but not you – the surgeon at the hospital where there’s lots of resources and access to blood products so… stabilise it with whatever bandaging you can find and call an ambulance.’


Another user commented saying they thought this would be common sense to most people, but as the paramedic points out, ‘It may seem like common sense when you’re calm and in control of the situation.’

She added, ‘But in a stressful, adrenaline-charged situation, your prefrontal cortex – the rational, decision-making part of your brain – switches off and you’re stuck with your amygdala, the lizard brain part of your brain, which might make some not-so-smart decisions.’


It’s always a good reminder: you’re not an action hero, or a horror movie survivor. Call an ambulance, let the professionals deal with it.

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