Patrick Stewart Is In Incredible Shape At 76, This Is His Advice


Patrick Stewart is 76 – just let that sink in for a moment…

76 and he still looks like leaner and more toned than many of us will ever be, and he hasn’t maintained that physique through years of expensive personal training.

No, his ‘secret’ is far more simple and a habit that everyone can incorporate into their daily routine.

Dear #HFPA, I am so overjoyed by my @goldenglobes nomination I decided to coordinate my look today. #aquasocks

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As reported by Esquire, Stewart spilled the beans after being nominated for a Golden Globe at the end of 2015.

Stewart said:

Push-ups. It’s that simple.

For once – a ‘simple tip’ that is genuinely simple!

While Professor X will never achieve the body of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine with this plan, it is certainly working for him.

So, push-ups everyday. Make it so.