People Share Advice On How They Overcame Depression


An epidemic is underway which will see ten per cent of people struggle with depression at one point in their life, according to the mental health charity, Mind.

In other words, one in every ten people you know will battle feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, self harm and even suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, depression does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime; man, woman or child.

The perceived wisdom is that talking about depression can alleviate some of the soul-crushing feelings associated with this life-altering invisible illness.

With that in mind, the people of Reddit have come together to share some advice which might come in handy for those battling depression at this moment in time.

Some of these people are still in the throes of darkness and other are emerging into the light, having overcome the affliction to feel happier and more ‘human’ once again.

While their words are by no means medical gospel, they are all well worth reading.


The top post on this thread offers up a simple piece of advice: Get out of bed.

This profound message claims holding out hope that something will change – and that you are the master of your own mind – will help.


In the same vein, this poster was able to get through a difficult period in their life by taking pleasure in the mundane.

Zyoxx got a job they love, found a new focus and lease of life.


Continuing with the tangible advice, one poster suggests exercise is a great antidote to depressive feelings.

The biological spark of the so-called ‘happy hormone’ – endorphines – helped a number of Reddit users combat the blues.


Another user claims that everyone can do one thing to eschew depression immediately: End bad and destrutive relationships.

This message rings particularly true in this modern social climate where real connections in our virtual worlds are so important.


Leading the charge to encourage people with depression to seek medical help is this guy.

Lizardwingz reminds everyone that there is absolutely no shame in seeking medication as part of an effective course of treatment.


One Redditor hammers home this accepting message, reinforcing what we all know: It’s okay to feel like shit.

You just have to find a way to function with those feelings.


Echoing that sentiment, this Reddit user writes about the importance of listening to yourself and acknowledging how you truly feel at any moment in time.

For them, that was a key component in overcoming depression and not letting this scourge of the mind dominate their life.


Although depression assaults the mind of each sufferer differently, one thing is for certain; we can all learn from our fellow humans’ experiences. A problem shared might not be a problem halved, but it sure can make a problem seem a little less daunting than before.

So read this thread. Share it with someone who you think might be struggling. It could save a life.

If you have been affected by any of the issues discussed, you can contact Mind for some free advice.

If you need to talk, call Samaritans’ free 24-hour line on 116 123