Podiatrist Left No Choice But To Rip Off Patient’s Extreme Overgrown Ram’s Horn Nail

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Oct 2019 14:53

Warning: Graphic Content

Ram's Horn Toenail Caters ThumbRam's Horn Toenail Caters ThumbCaters

Nail care is important. Overgrown nails, on your hands and feet, are neither pleasant nor hygienic. If you need a proper reminder, have a look at this guy’s huge ram’s horn toenail. 


Onychogryphosis, aka ram’s horn, is a nail disease that causes one side of the nail to grow faster than the other, leading to a thick and curvy toenail like a horn or claw.

This gentleman was left in an unfortunate situation: on his big toe, the nail had grew to such a massive size that traditional creams or medicines weren’t doing the trick. There was only one option – hack it off.

Check out the video below (warning: graphic content): 


It was just a normal day at the Healthy Feet Podiatry office in Wesley Chapel, Florida. But Dr Todd Brennan, 35, had his work cut out for him after this patient walked in.

The man, who has remained unnamed, had suffered trauma to the original nail, causing the ram’s horn growth.

Deciding to film the procedure, within seven minutes Dr Brennan had fully removed the nail – proceeding to routinely swab the open, bloody toe. In the video, the doctor added that when the nail is thicker, it usually comes off ‘pretty easy’.

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Dr Anton Alexandroff, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, said:

In two weeks it will be nice and smooth. Ram’s horn nails are rare and only happen when a person neglects their nail care, forgetting to trim nails on a regular basis. When toe nails are significantly longer and cannot easily be trimmed it’s best to seek help from a medical professional.

This particular patient may also have a co-existing fungal infection which is likely to require additional topical or oral treatment.

After the procedure, Dr Brennan joked that the patient should keep the nail for Halloween or sell it on eBay.

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WarningGraphic ImageClick to reveal.

Depending on the underlying cause, ram’s horn nails can develop at a variety of ages. Unfortunately, onychogryphosis grows worse with time, causing ingrown nails, pain, infection, an inability to pursue physical activities like sports and potentially, time away from work.

As well as foot trauma and fungal infections, ram’s horns can be caused by other conditions like psoriasis and peripheral vascular disease.

To best avoid getting a ram’s horn nail on your toes, keep them trimmed short and straight, and wear cotton socks that absorb moisture.


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