‘Poo Wizard’ Gives Himself Facials With His Own Faeces

Atlas Talisman 'Poo Wizard'Atlas Talisman - Instagram/Caters

It’s 2019 guys and gals, and if you want to smear your face in excrement to stick two fingers up at society, you can.

Atlas Talisman, however, needed no outside command to become accustomed with the practice. In fact, he’s somewhat of an expert.

The 37-year-old New Zealand native, now calling Australia home, has even declared himself the ‘Poo Wizard’. Before you look down your presumably non-fecal adorned nose, he has his reasons.

Society has essentially pushed Atlas too far, and he’s not gonna bloody take it!

But let the man tell you for himself:

In a world where everything is being sterilised, and actors are being viciously beaten up over their race and sexuality – these issues certainly need addressing.

I’m unsure as to whether this particular form of performance art will become particularly popular, but it damn well grabs attention…

Talisman said in the footage:

I don’t mind being the butt of the joke, humour is the best vessel for serious issues.

For too long the anus has been associated with ‘homo’, ‘pervert’ or ‘dirty,’ which makes men scared of exploring this part of their body.

The rectum has been put ‘out of bounds’ and it is time to reconnect with it in celebration and respect.

I know that it takes someone to dive in face-first and get this topic out in the open, so I guess that person is me.

Poop facials – not for me, but you do you Talisman, just wash your hands before shaking mine. Cheers.

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