Recovered Anorexic Girl Becomes Instagram Star With Body Positive Photos

by : UNILAD on : 05 Nov 2015 15:50

A former anorexic who nearly died because of the eating disorder now shares photos of her weight gain in a bid to promote body positivity.

Megan Jayne weighed only 4st 6lbs at her thinnest, and first suffered from body image problems back when she was five, The Mirror reports.


At 14 she was diagnosed with anorexia and she spent a summer in a youth mental institution, before being hospitalised, where she was told by doctors she only had weeks to live.

Megan, 22, told The Mirror:


At my lowest weight size four clothes were falling off me, my hair thinned and I was constantly freezing cold.

Thin would never be thin enough. The eating disorder overcame me so much that I believed it was all that I was and all that I had.

She recovered with help from her dad, but found she had replaced starving herself with binge eating.

After years of battling with her weight and never being quite being happy, she stumbled across a photo of someone promoting a philosophy of embracing your body and loving yourself exactly as you are. Now Megan runs her own body positivity account on Instagram where she posts photos of herself in bikinis – cellulite and all – with confidence and a smiles.


She says:

I try to show people that the impossible beauty standards on our screens and in our magazines are not requirements for happiness.

If I can fall in love with my body after all I’ve been through anyone can – they just have to believe that they deserve it.

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    Recovered anorexic becomes Instagram star after sharing images of cellulite to promote positive body image