Review: The Water Bottle With An Ethical Filter

Eau Good Duo

Staying hydrated; you need to do it if you’ve any designs on achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So to make this cheaper it’s a good idea to invest in a bottle you can refill on the go, and that is where The Eau Good Duo may just have found a USP in a crowded market place.

It has all the expected benefits of a filter bottle; removing bad tastes and smells from additives such as chlorine, plus balancing the pH of water. But this offering created by Black+Blum claims to go beyond these functions with a natural charcoal filter they say softens water, adds minerals, and is kinder to the environment.

Eau Good Duo

In a world coming to terms with the impact of plastic this consideration stands out. Because this water bottle utilises a solid Binchotan charcoal brick rather than any granulated charcoal, there is no need for plastic housing that would likely end up at landfill once disposed of. The brick however can be repurposed at the end of its six-month lifespan.


A boil clean is required at month three. This process is relatively simple, with boiling for 10 minutes ‘recharging’ the brick, but boiling water can’t be taken lightly so users do have to exercise some caution to maintain the filter.

10 minutes of responsibility every three months is hardly a tall ask in order to avoid excessive investment in replacement filters that can’t be recycled, however.

So, on the whole the concept is pretty appealing, but how about its general usability?

Eau Good Duo

The first challenge is placing the filter brick in the bottle so it fits the ‘squeeze and lock’ groove. The instructions too are simple. You drop it in, squeeze the bottle at either side of the groove and the brick falls into place.

A minor downside, if you happen to squeeze the bottle while out running it can dislodge and begin to rattle around. But if like me you tend wear headphones while exercising the rattle is a non-issue, nor were there any signs of physical damage to the brick as a result of this occasional occurrence.

The Eau Good Duo can also be used without the brick as an infusion bottle. You just put whatever fresh ingredients you choose in the bottle and the infuser cap filters out pulp and debris, I found it did so effectively.

I also found the grip handle strap a useful addition that is of particular appeal if you are after a bottle to take out on a run, and the BPA-free plastic is durable and capable of withstanding some wear and tear.

Eau Good Duo

At present to obtain the EGD original bottle with one brick a pledge of £24 is required via the bottle’s Kickstarter campaign. The RRP for this 700ml bottle would be £26.

This is where the battle lines are drawn for consumers. There are cheaper starter options for a filter bottle with some other brands offering 500ml bottles for half the price, but then you have to consider the cost and frequency required of replacement filters, and once again the environmental consideration of these initially cheaper but progressively more expensive options.

On the whole though, for someone looking to, stay hydrated by ‘high quality H2O’, infuse flavours with ease, and reduce your impact on the environment the Eau Good Duo has plenty to offer.