Richard Hammond Shares Picture Of Injury And It’s Not Pretty

Getty / Twitter

Just a few days ago Richard Hammond was involved in a horrific car crash which left him ‘seconds away from being incinerated’.

Thanks to the incredibly quick work of emergency services on the scene at the time of the crash, which happened when Hammond was filming for The Grand Tour, he was saved.

Shortly afterwards he confirmed that he was all well and good besides a fractured knee, and now he’s revealed images of the knee after he had ‘several hours’ of surgery to sort him out.

Speaking to DriveTribe, the 47-year-old petrolhead said:

I’m pleased to announce that after two sleepless nights and several hours’ surgery, my Swiss Army Knee is finished and works.

It bends in the middle and whilst a problem at airport security, is at least rustproof.

Hammond also promised that he’d be back in action soon.

Shockingly, the crash was so bad, co-star James May thought that Hammond was dead as he missed the limping Hammond leaving the vehicle and only saw it in the seconds later when it erupted into flames.

I think it’s only fair to say that Hammond is a very lucky man especially considering he recovered from his horror crash back in 2006 as well!