School Lets Student Graduate Early So His Terminally Ill Father Could Watch


An American school held an impromptu ceremony for a student who wanted to fulfil his dying father’s wish of seeing his son graduate. 

Most Long Beach High seniors have to wait until May for their graduation ceremonies, but one student, Noah La’Cap got to graduate early this year.

The school in Mississippi held a special ceremony during which 17-year-old Noah received his diploma, in order to fulfil his father’s dying wish.


Alfred La’Cap was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and doctors told him it was unlikely the 68-year-old would live to see his son graduate in May.

The special graduation ceremony was held yesterday on the steps of the La’Cap residence so that Alfred could celebrate his son’s academic achievements before his battle with cancer ends.

Principal Larry Ramsey told CNN affiliate WLOX, “Considering the circumstances, I felt like if we can bring a little joy to a family, then we’re happy to do that.”


The La’Cap family were given the opportunity to share the joyous occasion together.

Noah’s sister, Sita said, “It was a wish and it was one of God’s greatest blessings that he could have done for my father. This memory, it’s not replaceable.”

The graduation ceremony was, of course, tainted with sadness for Alfred’s family.

Today is a very special day for my Family. Principle Ramsey at Long Beach High School has agreed to let my Little…

Posted by Sita La'Cap on Friday, 3 February 2017

Noah spoke of the adversity the La’Caps have faced and his determination to succeed, explaining, “It’s been very difficult. He said, ‘There’s been times where I couldn’t focus on school because I was just thinking about him all the time, but I persevered because I’m supposed to graduate for him.”

Noah looked towards the future and his journey into adulthood without his dad, saying:

I’ve been thinking about this for months now, about how I’m gonna face the fact that he’s not gonna be there for all that… but then again, he’ll be watching me from heaven. He’ll see me. He’ll be there for me.

Noah says his father taught him to be respectful and never give up.

After graduating with his diploma, Noah now plans to seek further education at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

He wants to study to become a nurse.