Sex Expert Reveals How To Make Men Last Eight Times Longer In Bed

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jun 2019 16:41
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Close your eyes and picture something else? Grit your teeth and try and hold out, or maybe just lie back and think of England?


While these may sound like techniques to get you through any unpleasant experience, they’re also techniques employed by people enjoying a sexual encounter so much they feel they need to slow down, otherwise it’ll end too early in a sticky mess.

One self-professed sex expert (sexpert?) is offering a helping hand to those who feel they want to last longer in bed though, and claims to have the perfect solution to the age-old conundrum.

The sexpert, Nadia Bokody, has got two techniques men can try to help with the ol’ premature ejaculation.


The first is cognitive behavourial therapy (CBT), which is used to help with a number of other things any of us can experience, from help quitting smoking to learning to manage anxiety and stress.

Nadia suggests using CBT – the ‘gold standard technique’ – to practice certain thoughts and behaviours that will eventually become second nature. While she’s a bit vague on what these thoughts and behaviours are actually (they’ll be different for each individual), the basic premise of CBT is to modify physical or mental responses by changing the way a person thinks or behaves in certain situations.

The second method Nadia suggests is ‘the stop-start technique’, otherwise known as edging.

This technique involves the man stopping himself from reaching orgasm by, well, just stopping before it’s too late. He can then repeat the process ‘two or three times’, but no more than that or, as Nadia puts it: ‘You’re going to end up with a nasty case of blue balls.’

Naturally, the YouTuber suggests a product – called the Prolong – which has helped men go from lasting just 48 seconds in the sack to almost nine minutes on average.

You can watch Nadia explain the techniques here:


I’m no sexpert, but couldn’t someone do this without the help of the device? Especially if the success of the device depends on someone removing it at the right time… Just a thought.

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Nadia Bokody/YouTube
  1. Nadia Bokody/YouTube

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