Skinny Teen Transforms Into Massive Bodybuilder With One Simple Diet Trick

by : Francesca Donovan on : 09 Mar 2017 17:09

A formerly skinny banker has undergone an incredible transformation after dedicating himself to weight lifting.

Guy Harding, 23, from Devon has a daily fitness routine that has drastically changed his appearance – and his life, reports the Mirror.

The Lloyd’s Bank employee and competitive body builder eats a record-smashing 19 eggs every day and works out whenever he can to retain his impressive physique.


Guy eats seven meals a day and takes three lunch breaks while working at the bank to fuel his fitness obsession.

That’s three times the amount of food an average person his age would eat daily, and his gorging amounts to around 6,000 calories a day.

But it’s not all about lunch breaks and eating right. Guy has worked hard in the gym, where he has been awarded 24 hour access, to achieve his goals.


Guy said:

I first got into bodybuilding at the age of 16 – this was going to the gym and picking up weights – the very basic. I fell in love and never looked back.

I started real hard dieting and training in 2014, this is when the real results started happening.


As a formerly slight 16-year-old, Guy took up weight training to change and has since worked tirelessly to cultivate his perfect body.

And his hard work has certainly paid off.

The 23-year-old muscle man trains for two hours in his local gym with his girlfriend Cyprus every day, burning 600 calories during an average weight session and 500 calories during just an hour of cardio.


He has won a multitude of body building competitions, for which he gets a spray tan to emphasise the contours of his muscle mass.

Guy shares motivational messages with his Instagram followers, encouraging them to ‘strive for perfection’ and ‘never settle’.

According to the Mirror, everyday Guy eats 85g of oats, three whole eggs and six egg whites for his first meal, followed by 180g of chicken or turkey and two whole wheat bagels for meal two and 180g of chicken or mince meat, 200g of rice and spinach or broccoli for meal three.


Guy then chows down on 100g of oats with 30g protein shake and later, for meal five, he eats two bagels, 100g of oats and a 30g protein shake.

Meal six constitutes 180g of chicken, 200g of sweet potato and vegetables and the final flourish – meal seven – consists of 100g of egg whites and two scoops of casein protein.

But his body has come at a price. Although he has some cheat days, Guy refrains from indulging too much.

As a consequence, he misses nights out with his mates and family meals, as well as holidays reserved for over-indulgence.

Whatever your opinion on his physique and lifestyle, Guy is clearly over the moon with his body and you have to admire his determination, strength of will and his drive to achieve.

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