‘Stoner Sloth’ Tells Kids Not To Smoke Weed, Backfires Totally


stoner-slothStoner Sloth

Convincing kids not to do drugs is a pretty good idea and decent thing to spend some money on if you’re the government.

That’s why the Australian government have decided to splash the cash on a campaign involving a ‘stoner sloth’ to convince kids that drugs are a bad idea. Or more specifically, weed.

The issue however, is that people think the video is hilarious – which it is, and can’t even work out if it’s a parody or not.


People can’t quite seem to work out if it’s a serious thing or not, which kind of makes the whole thing seem a bit pointless.



The New South Wales Department of Premier of Cabinet (DPC) was originally credited at the bottom of the video and they’ve since come out to make sure people know that the video is in fact an official thing.

A DPC spokesperson claimed:

The Stoner Sloth public awareness campaign has been designed to encourage positive behaviours in young people before bad habits start, and motivate discontinued use of cannabis before they become dependent.