Terrifying Models Show What Binge-Watchers Will Look Like In 20 Years

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Jun 2020 15:22
Terrifying Models Show What Binge-Watchers Will Look Like In 20 YearsTerrifying Models Show What Binge-Watchers Will Look Like In 20 YearsOnline Gambling

There’s nothing like cocooning yourself in a hub of streaming bliss: no sunlight and all the snacks. However, binge-watching may be to the detriment of your health over time.


Let’s get something clear – occasionally soothing yourself in a bath of TV from the start to end of a show’s tenure is fine. It’s relaxing, thrilling, and often a perfect way to tune out from the noise, especially during the current pandemic.

However, let’s fast-forward to 20 years from now. Two decades of hissing at the rays in favour of the twilight glow of the telly would probably have some adverse effects. Thankfully, some devilishly creative people have envisioned those consequences for us.

Netflix Dummy 20 yearsNetflix Dummy 20 yearsOnline Gambling

The folks over at Online Gambling have crafted two visceral models by the names of Eric and Hannah, built to represent where our obsession with binge-watching could take us from a cosmetic and health perspective.


Don’t panic – this is a hypothetical scenario. You’re not guaranteed to look like Eric or Hannah in the next 20 years. They’re more intended to illustrate the totality of the potential side-effects of spending your life wide-eyed in front of a screen for hours, nay, days on end.

Researchers from Online Gambling said: ‘From obesity and posture damage to premature ageing and bloodshot eyes, these are just some of the nasty effects they gathered through their research.’

Binge watching dummy 20 yearsBinge watching dummy 20 yearsOnline Gambling

A quick look at the models and you’ll see a number of issues: bloodshot eyes from all that screen time, bald patches from lack of sunlight, obesity from little exercise, varicose veins, misshapen leg muscles and, last but not least, ‘dead-butt syndrome’.

They added: ‘Sitting for too long puts persistent pressure on the pelvic region, which damages your glutes – causing backache, and pain in the hip region and ankles.’

Binge watching dummy 20 yearsBinge watching dummy 20 yearsOnline Gambling

The psychological effects aren’t all too great either, what with the absence of social contact and addiction of clicking through the next episodes. ‘Bingeing usually means you sleep less, often leading to depression and anxiety,’ the researchers said.

Eric and Hannah hark back to OnlineCasino.ca’s Michael, a vision of what gamers could supposedly look like in 20 years. ‘Sleep deprivation and dehydration, to lack of vitamin D, digital eye strain and PlayStation thumb – these are just some of the physical implications of spending hours online, in a gaming chair, away from sunlight and physical activity,’ the researchers said.

Michael the dummyMichael the dummyOnlineCasino.ca

Upon seeing the model, one gamer, Ewan from Nottingham, told UNILAD that it was a ‘load of bollocks’, saying it’d obviously be damaging to play games all day, but ‘if I did nothing all day but sit in my garden and do chin-ups I’d be dead within the month, so where’s the study on that?’

It’s all about balance. Don’t fear the aesthetic look of Eric and Hannah, don’t worry about getting stuck into a good TV show. Take it easy, binge in moderation. For more information on their study click here.

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