The Most Unhealthy Country In The World Isn’t The US


The US has been known to have a bad reputation when it comes to health but it turns out it’s not the most unhealthy country in the world.

Clinic Compare, a British clinic comparison website, has ranked of the most unhealthy countries in the world using data from the World Health Organization, the CIA World Factbook, and the World Lung Association.

After analysing 179 countries, looking at alcohol and tobacco consumption per person, per year, as well as obesity numbers, but not things like life expectancy, the Clinic Compare study offers a pub debatable top 20 worthy for discussion.

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So, from 20 to one, here are the world’s most unhealthy countries.

20. Ukraine


According the WHO 13.9 litres of alcohol are glugged per capita.

19. United Kingdom


The UK is sliding down the problem drinking charts with an ONS study finding one-in-five people saying they no longer drink – the lowest figure in a decade.

18. Romania


Romania became one of the last European countries to bring in a smoking ban – in 2016!

17. Greece


More than 25 per cent of the Greek population is obese, writes Business Insider.

16. Australia


A separate study has found 1.7 billion litres of alcohol are consumed each year in Australia.

15. Lebanon


Lebanon comes in third for tobacco consumption — each resident smokes an average of 3,023 cigarettes per year.

14. Canada


Around 30.1 per cent of the Canadian population is obese, according to Business Insider.

13. Belgium


The country ranked seventh for tobacco consumption in the WHO’s 2014 global study.

12. Estonia


Eurostat found 26 per cent of Estonians are obese.

11. Bulgaria


The country came in sixth place for alcohol consumption, with 30 litres a year being guzzled annually per capita, a local study found.

Joint 10. Lithuania


Lithuanians drink more than any other population on the list — 18.2 litres of alcohol each year, per person, says the WHO.

Joint 10. US


America is the only non-European country to make the top 10 on the list, having the ninth highest rate of obesity in the world — 35 per cent of the adult population is classified as dangerously overweight in the US.

9. Luxembourg


A fifth of Luxembourgers is obese.

8. Poland


On average, each resident smokes 1,369 cigarettes per year, and drinks 12.3 litres of pure alcohol, according to Business Insider.

7. Croatia


Croatia is the eighth most obese nation in Europe, according to Eurostat.

6. Hungary


Business Insider reports on average, each resident of Hungary smokes 1,774 cigarettes per year.

5. Slovakia


The WHO finds 59.5% of the adult population in Slovakia is overweight.

4. Belarus


The country came in second for both alcohol and tobacco consumption in the WHO report.

3. Slovenia


The country’s residents are the sixth biggest consumers of tobacco products on the planet, smoking a staggering 2,637 cigarettes each year, writes Business Insider.

2. Russia


30% of deaths in Russia in 2012 were attributable to alcohol.

1. Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is the most unhealthy country in the world, according to the research. It ranked fifth for alcohol consumption and 11th for tobacco use, and 29.1 per cent of the population is obese.

Some very unhealthy populations out there.