The Queen’s Hand Is Purple And People Are Concerned

by : Francesca Donovan on : 01 Mar 2019 09:43
queen's bruised handqueen's bruised handPA

Some of the Queen’s adoring public are concerned for her health after her hand appeared bruised in photographs taken at Buckingham Palace.


The 92-year-old monarch was pictured smiling as she and Princess Anne hosted King Abdullah, Queen Rania and Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan at the palace yesterday.

Amazingly, she looked the picture of health – apart from a purple blemish on her apparently swollen left hand which has royalists concerned for her wellbeing.

The nonagenarian Queen is known for keeping excellent health.


She had to pull out of a few official functions in the past due to ill-health, like a a service at St Paul’s Cathedral last June because she was feeling ‘under the weather’.

To be honest, with all her royal duties, you couldn’t blame her for pulling a sickie every now and then.

But with her life as Head of State being lived in the public eye for the most part, her health is important to a lot of Royal Family supporters.

…Some of whom turned medical experts upon seeing what appears to be a bruise on HRH’s hand.

Queen Elizabeth II with Queen Rania of JordanQueen Elizabeth II with Queen Rania of JordanPA

Royal fan Tracy Edgar tweeted:

I’m concerned. Why does she have such a terrible bruise on her left hand? Did I miss something? But as always, she looks stunning!


Catherine Longstaff replied:

The lady is 92. At that age any little knock unfortunately turns into what can look severe bruises. The Queen is rather fab though isn’t she?

If you prefer your speculation to come from an actual medical expert, Emma Hammet, the founder of First Aid for Life told the Daily Mail it may be a circulation issue or simply a minor injury.

Still, some fans of the Queen were shocked to see her hand in this state:

However, rest assured, because Hammett said:

There are many possible causes for a bruised-looking hand, from an accident to a circulation issue, although this is less likely bearing in mind the unseasonably warm weather we have had.

She looks very well otherwise. She normally chooses to wear gloves and this would have hidden it.

However, her hand looks swollen and so she may not have been able to wear gloves over the injury. It is possible that this serious looking bruise resulted from a relatively minor injury.


Hammett explained what everyone with a grandparent already knows, in that older people are more likely to bruise thanks to their thinner skin and fragile tissue underneath.

Moreover, people taking blood thinning medication or steroids also tend to bruise more easily.

She assured fans Queenie is likely to be fighting fit with a blemish-free hand in no time as bruises – simply a discoloured area of skin caused by bleeding from fine capillary blood vessels beneath the skin – usually take a couple of weeks to fade, gradually changing to a pale purple or green colour as they disappear.

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    The Queen sparks concern after being photographed with a 'bruised' hand during her meeting with King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan