The Queen’s Illness Mystery Deepens As Buckingham Palace Refuse To Comment


The plot thickens as the Queen’s HQ at Buckingham Palace have refused to reveal if the Queen will be well enough to attend the traditional church service tomorrow. 

Her Royal Highness has not been out and about in public for 11 days, since she and husband Prince Philip started suffering with ‘heavy colds,’ Telegraph media reports.

The Queen’s unfortunate health problems have stood in the way of her attending the annual Christmas Day service at Sandringham, for the first time in 28 years.


And now it seems she may not be well enough to attend the New Year’s Day service as the palace continue to leave reports on the Queen’s health hanging in balance.

A spokeswoman said:

The Queen is continuing to recover from her heavy cold and is still in residence at Sandringham.

This ambiguous statement has left royalist’s worrying for Her Majesty’s health and speculating as to whether she may be too under-the-weather to attend the important service.


A Royal aide said: 

We probably will not know what is happening until the morning.

This doesn’t exactly fill us full of hope for the 90-year-old’s well-being…

The Royal couple have spent majority of the festive period, holed up at Sandringham House in Norfolk while they try to get the better of their winter germs.


Sandringham House is the residence of choice for the Queen, where she spends most of the Christmas holiday.

However, this time, she has not been spotted wondering around the 20,000-acre estate as she normally likes to do, sparking rumours further of her deteriorating health.

Due to their unfortunate illnesses, Philip and the Queen had to postpone their travel plans from London upto their winter home, on December 21st.


Shortly before the train was about to depart from King’s Cross to Kings Lynn, police were told to stand down and the couple were flown directly to the Norfolk retreat by helicopter the next day.

To save them from the lengthy train ride, The Queen’s Helicopter Flight sped off at a jowl-jangling 178mph, taking just 40 minutes to cover the 100 mile distance.

These unsatisfying reports are another blow to the royal household after they had to confirm that the Queen was not dead this week, after hoaxers set up a fake BBC Twitter account to announce her ‘death.’

Whatever happens tomorrow, we wish the Queen all the best in her recovery and a happy and healthy New Year.

It would be really nice not to start 2017 off with a death after all…