The ‘Safest’ Illegal Drug In The World Has Been Revealed


Drugs are bad, mmmkay, and now we have that disclaimer out the way we can discuss what is considered the ‘safest’ recreational narcotic.

The Global Drug Survey has returned its verdict on what are the most and least dangerous substances internationally.

To do so they compiled data which analysed illegal substances along with the number of medical emergencies they caused.

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Now, if you guessed marijuana would be top of that pile you would be wrong…


As reported by The Guardian, it is in fact mushrooms which are considered the safest recreational drug.

Adam Winstock, a consultant addiction psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drug Survey, explained the greatest risk posed by mushrooms is ingesting a poisonous fungi:

Magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs in the world.

Death from toxicity is almost unheard of with poisoning with more dangerous fungi being a much greater risk in terms of serious harms.


The figures showed psilocybin hallucinogenic mushroom use had a rate of medical emergency five times lower than that of MDMA, LSD and cocaine, with just 0.2% of 12,000 reported users seeking medical attention.

Winstock did explain some of the risks posed, however:

Combined use with alcohol and use within risky or unfamiliar settings increase the risks of harm most commonly accidental injury, panic and short lived confusion, disorientation and fears of losing one’s mind.

He later added:

Drug laws need to balance the positives and problems they can create in society and well crafted laws should nudge people to find the right balance for themselves.

People don’t tend to abuse psychedelics, they don’t get dependent, they don’t rot every organ from head to toe, and many would cite their impact upon their life as profound and positive. But you need to know how to use them.