There Are More Weed Shops Than McDonald’s And Starbucks In This US State

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Incredible stats have revealed that there are more weed shops in Oregon than there are popular fast food chains or coffee shops.

That’s quite incredible really when you think about it, considering you can’t walk ten feet without seeing a Starbucks or a McDonald’s.

There’s a massive 281 pot shops in the city, outnumbering the huge global chains like Starbucks.

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The city is fast becoming synonymous with weed, with ‘weed tastings’ being held, and residents claiming you can’t walk for five minutes without seeing a shop dispensing the drug.

Walter Greenlee claimed:

I could probably close my eyes, spin in a circle, and head out in whatever direction and find one the hundreds of dispensaries in about 5 minutes.

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Marijuana legalization has paved the way for these shops, with it becoming an increasingly popular staple for the residents of Oregon.