There’s A Really Disgusting Reason Experts Are Recommending Washing Bath Towels Regularly

Washing Bath Towels

If you’re using a towel more than three times without washing it then we’ve got some gross news for you

If you want to avoid being unhygienic, medical experts are claiming that you should use a towel no more than three times in a row and they’re assuming you’ve left it hanging somewhere to dry between uses, not left in a wet crumpled ball on the bathroom floor.

The reason is that a damp towel is full of germs, which can potentially cause infections if they come into contact with cuts on your skin. The most common infection being coliform bacteria, which causes diarrhoea.

This is because when we use our towel, we’re transferring all kinds of substances from our skin to the towel this includes dead skin cells, fungi and, disgustingly, shit and piss – all of which contain bacteria.

If you leave a damp towel on the floor, then these bacteria begin to multiply. Droplets from the toilet can even splash on the towel, making it even dirtier.

Experts say if there is a musty odour coming from the towel, then you should wash it straight away because it’s a sign the towel is full of bacteria.

Professor Philip Tierno, a microbiologist at the New York school of Medicine says: “The idea is to be prudent and to be aware… mostly aware that your towel is disgusting. And you’re probably not washing it enough.”