These Are The Countries Which Take The Most Legal Highs


Worrying new research from the annual Global Drug Survey has shown a dramatic rise in the use of so called ‘legal highs’ in every corner of the world.

The wavering laws regarding legal highs and the copious amounts of new ones being established, means that they are incredibly hard to police, despite the fact that a ban was put on legal highs in the UK earlier this year.

However, the ban also has huge complications – as now there is a very real threat of legal highs being sold ‘underground’, reports indy100.

The Global Drug Survey analysed over 100,000 people in 50 countries, and this new list using the information revealed by the research, outlines the places where legal highs are most popular.

The percentage refers to the percentage of people who have bought legal highs in the past 12 months:

So there you have it – the United Kingdom are the world’s biggest users of legal highs, which is somewhat ironic because they’re now all illegal.