These Foods Can Prevent You From Having A Flat Stomach


So it turns out that hundreds of sit ups won’t make a difference to the winter pooch you have developed if you’re eating these foods.

Professor of medicine Lin Chang has said that there are many seemingly healthy foods that are in fact counteractive to toning your body due to the bloating they contribute to.

The list of foods on includes onions, broccoli, and beans…all things

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Apparently you should stay away from onions when you’re trying for a flat stomach because of all that fructan which leads to greater water content in the intestine.

Yoghurt is another apparent obstacle according to Dr Chang, unless it’s full fat Greek style which has much less sugar than other types.

You would have thought broccoli was up there with one of the healthiest veg but the raffinose (no idea) apparently causes lots of gas in the stomach and doesn’t get broken down properly, causing bloating.

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Now we all know that beans can make us a bit gassy, and apparently we should soak them in water overnight to break down the starch content.

I thought watermelon was just basically water, but a third of people’s bodies can’t properly absorb the fructose in the fruit, which again can apparently lead to heavy bloating.

Wheat also leaves a lot of people bloated and constipated due to the highly non-digestible fructan content.

So what to do? Put down that broccoli, onion, yoghurt, and go back to the chocolate? I wish, but a rethink of the diet is certainly in order.