These Simple Ear Pressure Points Can Relieve Some Of Life’s Worst Stresses

by : Hannah Smith on : 11 Jun 2021 18:01

Acupuncture and other massage therapies are popular ways to reduce stress, but apparently there are some pretty simple ways we can also trigger our bodies to relax at home.

TikToker Isabella Avila has shared what she says are a series of pressure points that she says can be used to help with sources of physical pain or stress in our lives. And while you might be expecting these points to be found in the hands or feet, she says that a lot of these points are actually found in our ears.


Avila explains that our ears have various ‘muscoloskeletal points’ connected to different parts of the body. By using the (non-pointy) end of a pencil, or another small, rounded object to apply pressure to these points, you can supposedly alleviate a whole range of physical issues.


In her video, Avila goes on to demonstrate specific points that help with different issues, including period pain, dizzyness, anxiety and motion sickness, but according to traditional medicine charts, there are literally dozens of different pressure points, all within our outer ears, which are claimed to be linked to everything from skin conditions to liver function.

It’s worth saying that Avila isn’t a medical professional, and these pressure points are largely based on alternative medicine practices rather than scientific or medical evidence. Ear acupuncture is a real treatment offered by traditional or Chinese medicine practitioners, which some people swear by to alleviate minor and major health issues, but it’s always better to seek professional help if you’re dealing with significant physical or mental stress.


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