This 11 Minute Air Force Workout Works Every Major Muscle

by : UNILAD on : 25 Sep 2017 20:03
Royal Canadian Air Force

Once upon a time I wasn’t in as bad shape as I am now. Gone are the days of playing sport most nights of the week, rarely drinking, and eating three healthy meals a day.


Now, like millions of others around the world, my day is spent sitting at a desk, hunched over my laptop; downing mugs of coffee, before heading out for a cheap and tasty high carb/fat/sugar lunch, and commuting for an hour home.

Although the entirety of my day is spent sitting around, it can also be incredibly tiring, meaning that the absolute last thing I fancy doing is heading out to the gym when I get home. Instead I typically gorge on some more food before either falling asleep or heading to the pub for copious pints of cheap lager.

It’s only fair to say that this lifestyle has had quite a disastrous effect on my stomach – which is now more a bulging mass of overhanging flesh than the slim and muscular flesh it was just five years ago.


However there is a workout for the everyday office man and woman like me and it has been popular for decades, according to Vitals.

The 5BX workout was designed by the Royal Canadian Air Force as a way of keeping your average Joe in relatively good shape by working the arms, shoulders, back, legs, and chest.

The workout combines stretches, sit-ups, press-ups, and running on the spot – as you can see in this, very 1950’s, instructional video below.

Now don’t be expecting to turn out like Arnie or Phil Heath by doing the exercises demonstrated in the video above, but if you’re looking to tone up and build a bit of muscle while getting a helluva lot healthier than you are doing nothing, then you may as well give it a go.

I know I will.

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