This Guy Has Got The Absolute Worst Sunburn You’ll Ever See


This guy’s sunburn is the worst thing I’ve ever seen and will probably put you off your breakfast.

Most people have experienced some form of sunburn in their lives – usually because you’ve massively underestimated the strength of the sun and taken a nap – but this is on another level.

Warning. This is much worse than the chronic sunstroke scene in The Hangover:

Gareth Clarke made the catastrophic error of falling asleep in the sun, while on a stag do Mullingar at the weekend.

On returning from his weekend of debauchery he went back into work with a new limp, leaving his colleagues wondering why.

It was then he lifted up his trousers to reveal what is a strong contender for the most painful/vile/gruesome blister currently known to man.

Of course, his co-workers decided to put some cream round it to make it look like a fried egg and that’s it, eggs are completely off the menu forever.

Disturbingly, Joe got in touch with Gareth, only for him to send them an updated snap of his condition and to everyone’s dismay, his beastly blister has grown.


Absolutely awful on every level.

Poor guy, but seriously, how’s he resisted the morbid urge to pop it?!