This Is How Much People Can Change When They Stop Drinking Alcohol


As dry January looms ever closer to the end of its second dismal week you’re probably gagging for a reason to keep on going. Either that or a cold, refreshing, beautiful pint. 

While in my opinion there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a decent drink so long as it’s in moderation – there are numerous reasons as to of why sobreity is great for body and mind alike, reports Bright Side.

Now although it’s not a highly guarded secret that alcohol can lead to excess weight and a whole host of other health problems – it’s still pretty fascinating to see just how much your body changes when you replace the Carling with a sparkling water.

These guys and girls all decided to part ways with booze and their results are utterly mind-numbing.

After just seven months without a drink, this guys face is much less bloated and his skin looks significantly healthier. 

ghostbackwards /

This gal stayed off the booze train just a little longer than the above guy, managing to go eight and half months without alcohol. As she can see she looks like an entirely different woman. 

brittsuzanne /

Similarly to the first dude, this bearded Lothario hasn’t touched a pint in six months and looks so much healthier as a result of it. 

size16french /

Next up is this guy who went without a beer for 18 months and shed a tonne of unwanted weight.

luscrib89 /

This gal went 820 days without a drink and looks much younger and healthier than she used to…

DisregardThisOrDont /

Not to piss on anyone else’s achievements, as everybody in this list has made miraculous improvements to their health, but this couple’s joint effort at keeping on the wagon for three years and four months is mind-blowing.

Imgur / Tonya Raleigh

While I won’t be putting the pints away long-term anytime soon, photos such as these merely prove the intense improvements you can make by just taking a break from drink.

Even just cutting down from say four nights a week to two nights a week could do your body one helluva world of good!