This Is How You’re Most Likely Going To Die



It’s something that we don’t really want to think about and it’s extremely hard to accept, but sadly we’re all going to die at some point.

Whether it’s simply dying of old age or meeting a grisly end Final Destination-styley, death is something us humans really struggle to deal with.

So ASAP Science, who also taught us all what happens to us when we die (they’re a morbid bunch), are now putting our minds at ease (sort of) by warning us of the most common ways to die.

In the short video they break down each common cause of death, explaining that if you live in a Western nation that the two most likely causes of death are heart disease and cancer.

Go back only a century and it was a very different story. Just 100 years ago, the two most common killers were in fact tuberculosis and influenza.

There are some other pretty interesting factoids to be had throughout the video too, like the fact that alcoholism kills 80 times as many people as terrorist attacks in the United States.


And despite what you hear from certain American Presidential candidates most terrorist attacks that happen in the west are not of Islamic origin. Who’d have thought it? Oh, just anyone who actually did any research whatsoever.

The message of this video though? At the end of the day it’s normal to be afraid of how you die and all these guys are trying to do is to make you aware of the risks.


If you want to live a long and happy life, just try to have a reasonably balanced diet and stay away from the ciggies.

Or don’t, because the ‘oldest guy in the world’ heavily smokes and he’s still fine (somehow). Your choice.