This Is The Healthiest Time Of Day To Have A Poo


It’s the question we all want to know the answer to, (really), is there an optimum poo time and when is it?

Do we care? I hear you say, but I think you do.

The guys at The Sun came up with the ‘best time to have a shit’ and we’re actually really intrigued…


Perhaps you think you go whenever the hell you feel like it, which is fine, you can, but there is a perfect time for a poo.

According to science. the healthiest time to go for a crap is bang on half an hour after you wake up.

Yep, it’s that accurate.


Apparently, according to that there biology, it’s all because of our innards working really hard to digest our previous days eats during the night .

But once we’re up and about, our bowels prepare to release yesterday’s waste.



So there you have it, there is a key time to hit the bog.

Best pop it in the diary.