This Is The Vote Nobody Is Talking About In America



If you’ve been living under a rock since March, you might not know that America is holding a Presidential Election at the moment.

Tomorrow, the public will make a horrifying decision the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Sophie’s Choice.

But amid the two-ring (yes, I’m referring to the asshole candidates) circus that is American politics, another very important vote is also taking place, and everyone seems to have forgotten about it.


Voters in nine states will get to have their say on marijuana legislation.

If they all vote yes the law will allow over a quarter of Americans to smoke weed for either medical or recreational purpose when they reach legal adulthood.

According to opinion polls published in the Washington Post an historical change in legislation looks likely.


Although 25 American states have legalised medical marijuana and four states allow recreational use (Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska FYI), only 20 years ago not one state allowed either.

Since, the legalise marijuana campaign has snowballed. Tomorrow’s vote is extended to the public in Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine, California, Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas.

An unanimous yes vote tomorrow would ‘turn all of America’s west coast, from New Mexico all the way up to Washington state and Alaska, into a pot-smoking paradise for cannabis lovers’, reports BBC Newsbeat.

So at least disillusioned political voters in nine states are able to do something democratic they can feel proud of tomorrow.

And if everything goes completely Pete Tong (read: Donald Trump), at least Hillary will have a recreational way to ease the pain and rejection.