Study Reveals Best Time To Eat If You Want To Lose Weight


It turns out that all of our organs have their own individual clocks in them, meaning that the timing of your food intake can affect your weight.

A study by Harvard University talks about how, no matter how healthily you eat, if your eating doesn’t line up with your 24 hour body clock, your blood sugar levels could be up to 18 per cent higher than usual.

This in turn can increase the level of insulin (fat-storing hormone) you have in your body, and make you gain weight.


So according to science your breakfast should be between 6am and 9.45am.

It is scientifically proven that skipping breakfast does not have a positive influence on weight loss.

In fact, data from the US National Weight Control Registry showed nearly 80% of people who have successfully lost over two stone have eaten breakfast every single day at the same time.

Then if you are in need of a morning snack, it is advised that you wait at least two hours before your elevenses because it takes that long for your body to absorb your breakfast.

The earlier the lunch the better because it means you have more active time to burn the calories off.

You know after work when you’re just dying for a biscuit or pastry (Greggs is right there!), well that afternoon tea can actually be really helpful for weight loss as long as it is something healthy because it can keep your blood sugar level up and prevent you from over-eating at dinner time.

When it comes to dinner, we should be having dinner between 5pm and 7pm because that gives our bodies enough time before we become complete vegetables in bed to digest and absorb the nutrients.

A study from Bringham Young University illustrated this point when they asked 29 men to stop eating at 7pm for two weeks and then eat whenever they want for another fortnight. The men ended up eating 244 more calories when they ate past 7pm.


Of course you don’t have to eat at these exact times, but the main point is that you leave these intervals between meals in order to give your body time to absorb the food, and to keep your blood sugar levels at the right place.

A healthy diet, that is in sync with your 24 hour day, mixed with an exercise routine is still the best way to lose weight.

There is no shortcut unfortunately.