Being Bald Is Actually Massively Helpful According To Science

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Jan 2017 18:51

Have you started to thin on top or noticed a breeze on the back of your head that wasn’t there before? Well don’t worry – apparently it’s better to be bald. 


While many people think that a head of luscious locks is a good thing, it turns out that being follically challenged has a whole host of benefits, the i100 reports.

According to researcher Albert E. Mannes, who’s studied people’s perceptions of bald men, blokes without hair tend to be perceived as more dominant, masculine, confident, taller and stronger than they actually are.

Mannes’ study asked 59 participants to examine pictures of men with full heads of hair, and another picture of them with their hair shaved off digitally.


He believes his research explains why there are so many successful bald people – as these traits are usually synonymous with success.

Unfortunately there is a but attached to this.

Having bald patches or a head that wasn’t completely bald was perceived as less attractive and weaker.

Maybe if your thinning it’s time to shave your head then?

Tom Percival

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