This Is Why Drinking Booze Makes You Poo


In moderation alcohol can be the elixir of life but like anything good in this world there can be too much of a good thing.

If you overdo it, your body will almost certainly hate you in the morning as bar the inevitable pounding headache, the aftermath of a heavy night out could leave you with a seriously dodgy stomach.

The dreaded alcohol poo leaves your body quickly as the shots you downed the night before entered it and makes that hangover just all the more… shitty.

But why do we find ourselves having some really dodgy bowel movements after a heavy sesh?

Well the guys at Thrillist, spoke to gastroenterologist Dr. Urvish Shah to find out why.

It turns out that booze can increase your gut motility, which essentially means everything you eat moves much quicker than usual.

And as it doesn’t get broken down before it reaches your colon, bacteria feast on these and make you fart and ultimately crap a lot more.

This increased speed means that your colon has less time to absorb any water and you end up with a watery poo and diarrhoea. Beautiful.

As well as this, it seems that your choice of poison can also seriously affect your bowel movements the morning after the night before.

“The more concentrated the alcohol, the worse the reaction will be,” Dr Shah explains- which basically means the higher the ABV, the more you’ll be stuck to the toilet the next day.