This Man Has Eaten Nothing But Raw Meat For Past Seven Years


This chap has not eaten anything but raw meat for the past seven years, and he has no intention to stop any time soon.

His name is Derek Nance and he exclusively consumes meat, morning, noon, and night whether he is at home in Kentucky, over at friends, or even out to dinner.

Derek switched to the peculiar diet after a mystery illness saw him consistently losing weight, and throwing up pretty much anything he tried to swallow.

The belief was he was suffering from an allergy, and so began a process of elimination to find the culprit. But avoiding gluten and going vegan did not change anything, so he went all-carnivorous in a bid to change his life for the better.


Speaking to Vice Derek revealed that he has never looked back since switching, despite a few teething problems in the opening week and slaughtering the meat himself.

He said:

Maybe what you get at first is a little diarrhea, but that’s just your digestive system adapting. After the first week, I felt absolutely great, and I never went back.


If an animal lives in accordance with its nature, I have no problem ethically slaughtering that animal. But if you raise that animal in a pen, and when it’s sick just shoot it up with antibiotics, I have real problems with that. It’s not just unfair on the animal, it’s unfair on the people who eat it.


To avoid scurvy Derek consumes a concoction of organ tissue and clotted blood to get his dose of vitamin c, but by virtue of his protein-only diet, his body has a lower requirement for vitamin c than someone who eats carbohydrates. He also ingests rotten meat as a probiotic.

Derek said:

The thing about vitamin C is that you need more of it in a high-carbohydrate diet, but if you’re eating carnivorously, there’s enough in the animal flesh. So I just eat the organ meat and the connective tissue and everything else.”


One aspect of life that hasn’t improved for Derek is his work-life. As a result of growing interest and exposure of his lifestyle he was sacked.

With a German camera crew in tow, Derek was let go from his job as a butcher as the farmers he worked for became concerned with negative publicity.

But Derek was not best pleased by what Europe has to offer.

He said:

I was under the impression they have higher food standards over there but actually, it’s sort of a police state. Like in England you can’t get lungs anymore, even though traditional haggis is made with lungs, they don’t let you have them. I was trying to find animal fat, because my diet consists of a lot of animal fat, but everything there is super lean.

I trekked around London, finally found a Halal shop, and they were trimming all their fat off. I tried to buy the fat but he was like we don’t sell fat, it’s trash. Finally I insisted and he gave me a little bit, but the taste of it wasn’t so good.


I don’t doubt there is a big difference in how the meat tastes for him, but I’ll take a cooked English burger over a raw American one, chased by clotted blood and organs, any day.