This Weed Artist Makes Serious Money Rolling Spectacular Joints

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It’s often claimed that smoking weed can bring out our creative side, but this guy might just be the living proof.

This 26-year-old guy called Tony Greenhand has turned his high hobby of rolling spectacular joints into something pretty lucrative and living the weed lovers dream.

His smokeable artwork is so damn good, that he’s been able to carve out a career by being a professional blunt roller. Talk about living the high (I’m sorry).

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Speaking to Vocativ, Greenhand, from Albany, Oregon claimed that he’s ‘considered one of the best joint-rollers in the world’, though he doesn’t make too much of a fuss about it.

Among his crazy AF creations, by far the largest was a watermelon joint, which weighed in at 4.2lbs and burned for three hours.

The budding entrepreneur (so so sorry) explained how weed is literally his life, he said: “I basically jump out of bed and start rolling joints. Before I got into rolling I was growing weed, but I’m known more for the joints now.

Though he wasn’t always this ridiculously dope (that’s the last weed pun, honest), he explained that his first joint which he rolled as a teen was awful, as he put way too much saliva on his rolling papers. Rookie mistake.

But that hasn’t stopped him from learning some seriously impressive skills along the way and making by far some of the most impressive joints known to mankind.

And his work has a bit of something for everyone.

Whether you’re a big Pokemon GO fan:

Smokemon Go #creativerolling #nationaljointleague #pokemongo #pikachu #gottasmokethemall

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Or love your food:

Happy 4th to all you #mericans #twaxdog #creativerolling

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@trasrollingco taco for #tacotuesday ???????? #twaxgang #creativerolling #getcorny #tacoflavoredkisses

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A smokey little pizza slice #creativerolling #joint #pizzaboys

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Or your… weapons, because it is America after all:

8 ounce AK 47 for the homies Jon and @weedwriter filled with 91 Og from @kaks_gardens #creativerolling #ak47

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These three were part of his biggest order yet, which sold for a whopping total of $7,000 (£5,330).

Despite the confusing state marijuana regulations, alongside the federal prohibition possibly harming his future potential business venture, this guy doesn’t let it harsh his mellow.

He said:

If I focused on all the crap I wouldn’t get anywhere. At the end of the day, I don’t hurt anybody. Maybe I want to make a 10-pound joint next, OK? Or maybe I’ll make one that weights 15 pounds. It’s going to get smoked either way. And I bet I can smoke it faster than you can find out about it.

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Amen to that.