Thousands Suffer From Mysterious Skin-Crawling Disease That ‘Isn’t Real’

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You’ve probably heard the old expression ‘it’s enough to make your skin crawl’ many a time, but I bet you never knew that many out there believe they generally feel this sensation all the time.

So much so in fact, that they consider it to be a medical condition. Those who suffer with Morgellons disease claim they have a bizarre skin ailment, which feels like bugs are biting or crawling inside their bodies, The Independent reports.


The symptoms include itchy skin rashes, thread-like material in or on the skin, tiredness and distress.


It’s believed the condition affects around 13,000 people in the United States, with singer Joni Mitchell among them- describing the condition as a ‘weird incurable disease that seems like it’s from outer space.’

With mainstream doctors dismissing Morgellons disease as physical condition and labelling it as a mental health problem, Morgellons sufferers have now taken to Facebook to form an online community to upload proof of fibres they’ve found on their skin.


The artifacts that come out of your lesions varies in size, shape and colors. There are times when you must remove the…

Posted by Morgellons Research and Support Network on Saturday, 31 October 2015

Some claimed that it was caused by so-called ‘chemtrails’ left by aircraft, while others go along with Mitchell’s theory that these fibres spawn from alien lifeforms.

One user said:

These creatures that come out of the lesions are not from this world, that is what I firmly believe. It is a known fact that chemtrails particles are heavy and bring objects down from the stratosphere. There’s life forms that are unknown to man there and now they are dropping on our heads. These are not on earth that’s for sure. So where do they come from and why are they attacking humans???



But the condition has somewhat been met by heavy scepticism from researchers, with many struggling to prove it actually exists.

A study from 2012 failed to find what was causing the rashes, with experts instead believing that the condition is more likely to be a mental illness.

They believe their rashes are instead caused by patients picking and scratching at their skin, and the out of this world ‘fibres’ are in fact cotton from their clothing.


The symptoms went away for a while but they came back with a vengeance…. My hands and feet are the worst. The lesions seem to take longer to heal.

Posted by Morgellons Research and Support Network on Friday, 18 July 2014

It’s believed the condition got its name back in 2002 by Mary Leitao, who rejected a doctor’s verdict that her son was suffering from delusions.

Describing this as ‘delusional’ is simply damaging to those who are suffering with the affliction. Health care professionals need to wake up, smell the coffee and provide a duty of care and treatment to these people sooner, rather than later- physical or otherwise.

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