Today Is National Be Bald And Be Free Day

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Bald is beautiful, and although we remember this every day of the year, October 14 dedicates itself to celebrating the naked crown.

This means today (October 14) is officially Be Bald and Be Free Day, sometimes referred to as Bald and Free Day, an annual event celebrated worldwide.

Whether you are bald by choice or not, man or woman, today is the day to leave your wig or hat off and embrace your baldness, showing off your scalp.

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Although it’s not clear how Be Bald and Be Free Day started, why not have a national day to celebrate the chrome dome in all of its glory.

After all, some of our most beloved stars are without hair.

Just look Sinead O’Connor, Mahatma Gandhi and Bruce Willis.

People have been taking to social media throughout the day to share their bald selfies.

One person, Shaun Staunton, took to Instagram posting a photo after he ‘braved the shave’:

Although this national day doesn’t have a huge amount of awareness, I sympathise with those going through hair loss themselves.

I know there are far worse things that can happen to you but for me the only way I can really describe it is as if your body has betrayed you.

And as such I wanted to share the day I decided to shave my hair off for anyone else struggling with hair loss too.

This picture was taken yesterday (at a Roman Fort) and I still prefer my head cleanly shaved. So in appreciation for Be Bald and Be Free day (and when in Rome, of course) I bring you ‘The day I shaved my hair off’.

While another, Jennifer, shared an inspiring post on her Instagram, writing:

Self confidence is the key to your happiness!!! Happy National #BeBaldAndFreeDay. Never forget to be who YOU are, and always listen to your heart. [sic]

There’s already someone else, so why not show the world a lil’ something unique? Feed your passion. Love y’all! [sic]

One Twitter user even shared a photo of their hairless cat, who clearly looks proud with himself:

October 14th is officially known as Be Bald And Free Day.

It’s a special celebration for humans of the less hirsute variety, but it’s also a smart prompt to take a peek into the very distinctive world of hairless cats. [sic]

According to a study, bald men are seen to be much stronger, confident and dominant compared to those with locks of hair.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, founder of MindFixers and owner of The McKeown Clinic, spoke to UNILAD about how the study was conducted, as well as the results.

He said:

In a study, researchers have found there are positives gains psychologically, where bald men have been perceived more dominant, more confident and more masculine, stronger and taller.

The study included a group of participants who would score photos of men with full heads of hair and another group that would score the same men, but with their hair computer digitally removed and because only their hair was adjusted any dissimilarities between the groups had to be due to baldness.

Researchers also wanted ascertain whether this idea was consistent even when men were described in words with no photos were studied. This time they used men whereby their hair was just thinning but not completely bald.

The researchers noted bald men were again perceived as more confident, dominant, masculine and stronger but men who were thinning or trying to hold on were worse off opposed to bald men or those with a full head of hair.

So happy Be Bald and Be Free Day folks!

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