US Army Veteran Perfectly Breaks Down Why There Isn’t A Microchip In The Vaccine

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Jun 2021 14:12
US Army Veteran Perfectly Breaks Down Why There Isn't A Microchip In The VaccinePA Images/patrickloller/TikTok

Do you think COVID-19 vaccines have microchips in them? Well, a US army veteran is here to explain why that’s totally incorrect. 

It’s one of the earliest conspiracy theories among anti-vaxxers: if you get vaccinated against coronavirus, you’re somehow allowing some form of tracker or microchip to be injected into your body, enabling the government to keep tabs on you.


Obviously, it’s categorically false. While there’s plenty of ways the world’s government could track us, vaccines aren’t one of them. If you’re still unconvinced, a US army veteran has broken it down.

Check out his explanation below: 


Patrick Loller (@patrickloller) recently shared a TikTok discussing his experiences in Afghanistan and how ridiculous the microchip conspiracy theory is.


‘As an Afghanistan veteran, I can’t get over the ignorance of people thinking they put trackers in the vaccines. When I was in Afghanistan, we could barely find each other. We had Blue Force tracker computer units in every truck, we had dagger GPS units that we carried on a platoon level, and they never f*cking worked,’ Loller said.

‘Our government has a military budget larger than the next seven countries combined, but they can’t find a way to reliably figure out where troops are in combat. But yeah, Chad, they definitely have a satellite network following you around to find out how long you spent at the Arby’s,’ he added.

‘When I was there, one of our companies nearly mortared another one of our companies because they couldn’t figure out who they were! But yeah, they definitely took that technology that already isn’t working… made it small, so they could stick ’em in regular Americans. Get over yourself,’ Loller concluded.


Featured Image Credit: PA Images/patrickloller/TikTok

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