Vaping Is Safer Than Tobacco And Has ‘No Links To Cancer’ Apparently


A new study has found that there is no link between smoking e-cigarettes and cancer despite concerns from health officials that vaping may damage DNA. 

Researchers from London-based British American Tobacco determined that there was no link between vaping after exposing laboratory cells to vapour released by both an electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes.

They found that the cells were only affected by the smoke released  by normal cigarettes and that vapour did not promote tumour development, The Daily Mail reports.


The study was published in the Journal of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis and researchers now plan on extending the study to compare other conventional and electronic cigarettes.

The study’s author Dr Damien Breheny said:

It is one of a series of tests being developed and refined by British American Tobacco to compare the relative biological effects of e-cigarettes and tobacco-heating products with conventional cigarettes.


Despite the fact e-cigarettes don’t actually produce smoke, there were concerns that the nicotine content in the vapour they produce could lead to cancer.

The Royal Society of Public Health has also found that nine out of 10 retailers sell e-cigarette to customers who are nonsmokers despite this contravening retail guidelines.

As such concerns remain that e-cigarettes may be a gateway for younger people getting hooked on nicotine.