Video ‘Challenge’ Discovers How Good Men Are At Unhooking Bras


As it’s breast cancer awareness month, the guys over at YouTube channel Whatever, decided to set up a little challenge… 

They got some willing – and some not so willing – volunteers to take part in ‘The Bra Unhooking Challenge’ reports BroBible. 

Basically they got a bunch of guys to take on the task of unhooking the bra from a real-life, not to mention incredibly brave, participant named Lauren.

As you can probably imagine, some did it with incredibly dextrous expert ease – look out for this guy:


While others certainly didn’t lack enthusiasm for the task at hand but struggled manfully with some even giving up completely in the end…

It looks like the one handed approach was the way to go, with my personal favourite being this unassuming gentleman who did an awesome job of looking terrified at the sight of a bra:


But in actual fact, he had that bad boy unclipped in a matter of nanoseconds – our hats (and bras) off to you sir.

Then it was time for the ladies to have a go and, needless to say, they put the majority of the blokes to shame.


As impressive as some of the displays from the participants are, the true hero of the piece has got to be Lauren – she never flinches as a load of overexcited guys essentially maul at her back.

Breast cancer awareness month runs for the whole of October – if you would like more information on the symptoms and signs or to get involved in fundraising visit