Why We Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Dismiss Celebrities’ Mental Health Problems

by : UNILAD on : 22 Nov 2016 17:50
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Kanye West is the latest in a whole string of celebrities to have been taken in for mental health treatment, but sometimes people seem very quick to judge. 


It’s not even been 24-hours since news broke that the rapper was hospitalised due to a ‘psychiatric emergency‘ but sadly the internet has a lot to say about it and unfortunately, not all of it is positive.

While many people are offering sympathy and sending condolences to the star, others have decided to troll the singer and undermine his health problems.



Even 50 cent stepped in and aired his opinion on the singer’s recent issues, writing ‘LOL’ at the end of his post:


Worryingly, mental health problems affect a lot of celebrities and personalities who are constantly scrutinised by the media with their every move placed under a spotlight.

Recently, Zayn Malik admitted his struggle with anxiety, which played a part in quitting the love-them-or-hate them, One Direction.


The popstar suffered with ‘crippling’ anxiety which affected his ability to perform with his band and even more disturbingly, was accused of lying about his health issues.



There’s a lot of love about for Zayn, but it wasn’t always that way and took him a long time to speak out about what he was going through in a world that can be harsh and judgemental.

Justin Bieber is another high-profile celebrity to be constantly criticised and his every move reported on, however the star gets consistently shut down and offered very little support when he tries to reveal his inner demons.

Earlier this year, Coldplay singer, Chris Martin spoke out about suffering with depression and how it affects his life.

And, of course, people decided to comment:

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The headlining popstar had to deal with unsympathetic and un-supportive outbursts from the public, when he was going through turmoil during his divorce.


One of the most famous celebrities who went through a very public, emotional meltdown was Amanda Bynes, who’s unhealthy behaviour was laughed at by the world before she was finally sectioned and treated for schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

The child-star-turned actress had her health problems played out in every newspaper, magazine and gossip site possible, with people slating her during her downward spiral.

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It’s pretty disheartening that people feel they have to mock and negatively comment upon a celebrity’s declining mental health, especially as these affect so many people, one in four to be precise.

So perhaps before people start taking to Twitter and other platforms to start taking down Kanye and disregarding what he’s potentially going through, they should spare a thought to the other’s who have been victims of worldwide abuse and not jump so readily on the bandwagon.

Thoughts go to Kanye and any body else for that matter who is going through a difficult time. For more information, help and advice visist: NHS and Mind.

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