Wife Poisons Husband In Most Brutal Way Ever After Row

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You always know a story’s dark when even your nightmares seem to be a tranquil nirvana in comparison – and this story is unquestionably horrific. 

This is the gut-wrenching horror story of how a man in China discovered his genitals were rotting after a series of arguments with his wife led her to lace his underwear with a flesh eating poison on the day of their daughter’s wedding.

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The man, called Zhang, spent a fortnight in intensive care and another week recovering in hospital after the attack which saw his nether regions rotting away while also bringing on severe breathing difficulties, reports The Mirror.

Apparently, a number of tests were carried out on the man’s underwear following the attack revealing that they had been soaked in paraquat.

Paraquat is an incredibly quick acting and powerful herbicide used for killing plants and weeds, which is said to violently attack any tissue it comes into contact with. Oh sweet lord.

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It is thought that the chemical ate into his genitals from his underwear which had been handed to him from his wife.

Although there is no doubt in my mind that every couple has their fair share of rows, it’s undeniable that this wife took things a million miles too far.

She has since been arrested and an investigation is currently in progress.