Woman Bullied For Being ‘Fattest Girl In School’ Earns £10k Slapping Her Stomach And Eating On Camera

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Aug 2019 18:46
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Hazel weighs 28 stone. She was bullied for being the ‘fattest girl in high school’ but now she’s turned her weight into a money-making machine, pulling in £10,000-a-year as a ‘feedee’ online. 

The 29-year-old from Nashville is part of an online community that enjoys watching her gorge on thousands of calories, as well as her ‘grabbing and slapping and tugging’ her belly.


In a month, she can make around £800 from BBW Royalty, with users paying extra for specific requests; some are for nude photos or videos, some ask her to use sex toys, others to see her playing with her tummy and talking about her weight.

Hazel said: 

I’m not sure what people like about it. In today’s society weight loss is such a huge thing, so this is like the polar opposite. I know of one man who struggles with an eating disorder and loves to see women gain weight. It’s personal preference.

Hazel Feedee Online 2PA Real Life/Connect

Hazel, who – despite her calorific lifestyle – considers herself a body positive campaigner, concedes she may not be ‘everyone’s cup of tea’, she wants ‘people to know you can still be big, sexy and beautiful.’

Hazel added:

I feel very empowered. Knowing that, after feeling that the whole world doesn’t want me, there are people who do and that they lust after me is great. I’ve had people who have told me they would leave their wives for me.

It feels so good to be wanted and to feel sexy in your own skin.

Having always been a ‘big girl’ and never having had a boyfriend, Hazel said she went suffered through depression and anxiety. But at the age of 24, after seeing a coworker post their feedee photos, she found herself welcomed into a community that’s ‘helped me come to terms with loving myself and to realise I’m very sexy’.


Some of her subscribers have requested farting and burping videos, but she insists she wouldn’t do those as they’re not ‘ladylike’.

Hazel Feedee Online 3PA Real Life/Connect

Fans of Hazel love to see her bingeing on cheesecake and pizza, and then hear her describe how bloated she feels. The most she’s had in one sitting is 10,000 calories, but typically it’ll be 2,000 calories or more – a whole day’s worth, at least.

Hazel explained: 


I’m a very greedy person, so I keep going until I feel really full and get that euphoric feeling. I get a lot of pleasure from it and my fans get pleasure from watching me, too, it’s a win-win.

Some fans ask me to eat certain foods. Others do not want me to video myself eating, they just want me to talk about it, how good it feels to eat, how I could probably eat 10 times more and how full I feel. They really do love that.

Her feedee activities are part-time; her full-time vocation is as an office administrator. But she says ‘it’s definitely a dream come true to be making that kind of money’ in her spare time.

Hazel Feedee OnlinePA Real Life/Connect

Hazel has over 19,000 followers across social media, having attracted around 6,000 in the last year. Luckily, her current boyfriend doesn’t mind her online behaviour – ‘He is not a feedee or a feeder himself, but he finds it a turn on to know that there are other people out there who want me,’ she said.


While her family doesn’t know about her being a feedee, Hazel has supportive friends:

They still see me as that good girl who went to college, but my significant other and my girlfriends cheer me on. They say it is fat girl season and I should be myself.

Inevitably, Hazel has to deal with trolls online calling her fat. Having tried to lose weight in the past, even going as far as to consider a gastric band, she insists she’s perfectly healthy at the moment.

Hazel added: 

I remember one day going to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru and I was crying as I realised that if I had this surgery I would never be able to eat another doughnut. I knew I would rather be big and happy.

I do not worry about my health. I go to the doctor regularly, I do not have diabetes and my blood pressure is fine. There are plenty of skinny people who are in worse health than me.

I am a foodie and have been all my life. Food is my best friend and I love to indulge. Now I get to be sexy and indulge at the same time which are two of my favourite things.

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