Woman Charged For Crying During Surgery

by : Hannah Smith on : 29 Sep 2021 16:35
Woman Charged For Crying During Surgery@mxmclain/Twitter/Alamy

A woman has claimed she was billed for crying during surgery, prompting yet more outcry over the intricacies of the American healthcare system.

The woman, who goes by Midge on Twitter, received an invoice following a simple mole removal procedure and was shocked to discover an unexpected extra $11 charge for what was simply described as ‘Brief Emotion’.


‘Mole removal: $223 Crying: extra,’ she tweeted, joking, ‘I didn’t even get a damn sticker.’

For Brits, Canadians and just about anyone else who grew up with free medical care, the very idea of being charged for surgery in itself is bizarre, so it’s not surprising that the discovery that you can be charged added extras on top of that has blown a lot of people’s minds.

‘I can’t tell if this is amazing satire or another example of ridiculous medical billing shenanigans’ one person replied, while another wrote, ‘This accurately describes the American healthcare system.’


‘Holy crap!!! I’d bankrupt myself!’ someone else joked.

A woman's tale has sparked debate over the US healthcare system (Alamy)Alamy

As is the case whenever horror stories about US healthcare pop up, many also used Midge’s experience to stress the importance of free healthcare, with one person commenting, ‘AKA: protect the NHS at all costs.’

Meanwhile, others have chimed in to share their own experiences of being landed with surprise charges after receiving medical care, including one person who was charged for receiving assistance after suffering a seizure, and another who recounted how they were charged for extra anesthesia after they woke up in the middle of a wisdom tooth extraction.


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  1. @mxmclaim/Twitter

    Mole removal: $223 Crying: extra