Woman Finds ‘Picture Of Her Dying Dad’ On Cigarette Packet


While the number of smokers in the UK continues to dwindle down to an all time low, I’m sure we’ve all come across a packet or two at some point with those terrifying warning pictures.

Smoking kills, smoking clogs your arteries, smoking causes lung cancer, if you smoke this packet of cigarettes you will die a horrible death etc, etc, etc.

Now these statements are normally backed up by some equally terrifying and miserable photos of smokers spluttering their last breaths in an unknown hospital someplace.

It’s all rather sad – but imgine if you came across a pack of Amber Leaf and your own father was plastered all over the packaging.


Mum-of-two, Jodi Charles, allegedly found such a packet and claims the picture on the front is ‘110 per cent’ her late father, David Ross.

Now the warnings that are posted onto cigarette packets come directly from the EU Commission and they have strongly denied that the photos are of Mr. Ross, adding ‘any similarity is purely coincidental’. But Jodi is adamant.

She explained:

My friend who smokes tobacco came round on Tuesday and my 14-year-old daughter picked up the wrapper.

She ran into the room and said, ‘Look, it’s granddad!’

When I saw that photo, I just said, ‘Oh my God.’ I just knew without any doubt that it was dad. I was horrified.

Public Domain Images

On this particular packet, the warning states ‘smoking causes strokes and disability’, something Jodi is absolutely furious about as her dad didn’t die as a result of either.

Although Mr. Ross was a smoker, he died of unrelated bone marrow problems, septicaemia and lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

Mr. Ross, an ambulance driver, spent 10 months at Basildon University Hospital, Essex, after being admitted in 2014 and was on life support in intensive care on three occasions.

This is when Jodi believes the photo was taken.


Jodi added:

I cut my dad’s hair for 20 years, I know exactly how his hairline was, exactly where it sticks up a little.

I also cut his eyebrows and know all the tiny details of his face.

The whole picture looks exactly like him. His eyes were puffed up when he was in intensive care and they are in the photo too.

I am 110 per cent sure it is him and that there is no way he gave permission for such a terrible picture to be used. It’s terribly upsetting.

Jodi is currently demanding proof from the EU that the photo is not of her father.