Woman Loses 14 Stone In ‘Unbelievable’ Transformation

Jessica Valitutto Weight Loss TransformationJessicaValitutto

For a lot of us, when it comes to weight loss, we always talk about how we want to ‘lose a few pounds’, or ‘tone up’, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they want to lose around 14 stone!

Weight loss stories, particularly transformation stories, are an example of how hard people work in order to achieve a happier and healthier life – for both mind and body.

This story however, is possibly the best I’ve seen, after one woman, Jessica Valitutto, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shed a colossal 14 stone.

Jessica Valitutto Weight Loss TransformationJessicaValitutto/Instagram

Jessica looks completely unrecognisable nowadays – when you see her photos as she is now, you’ll have trouble believing it’s the same person!

The Brazilian beauty, who weighed around 23 stone, halved her body weight by overhauling her lifestyle.

Following her dramatic transformation, Jessica began documenting her journey across her social media, sharing diet and fitness tips in the process.

At the time of writing, Jessica’s transformation journey – which went viral – has amassed the young woman over 900,000 followers on Instagram, where she’s always updating her progress.

Only last month, in April, Jessica uploaded one of her before and after photos to the site which received nearly 30,000 ‘likes’ at the time of writitng.

The difference in the two images bamboozled a lot of her followers – and many were pleased when Jess went on to reveal exactly how she did it.

In the caption of this image, the social media star revealed she’d lost a lot of her 14 stone with the help of bariatric surgery. This type of  operation helps to suppress your appetite and is said to leave you feeling fuller for a lot longer, therefore not feeling the need to eat.

While surgery is said to help in order to kick start a dieter’s weight loss journey, a lot of hard work still has to be put in – something which Jess is happy to document as well.

After going in for surgery back in 2010, according to the Daily Star, Jessica then embarked on a healthy eating plan, as well as making a bid to get fit and healthy.

Within her numerous posts on social media, particularly her Instagram page, Jessica revealed how she now follows a low carb diet. She doesn’t cut them out of her diet, but has lowered her intake.

She also hired a personal trainer and began working out at the gym on a weekly basis.

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Jessica explained:

I finally realised the only thing you can do is to stay consistent with your goals and be patient. If you give up halfway, you’ll go back to square one.

Be patient. Eat healthily and in accordance with your goals and train seriously.

If I gave up when I discovered that bariatric surgery is not a miracle, today I would be crying with regret.

After shedding the incredible amount of 14 stone, Jessica then decided to pay for excess skin removal surgery.

Unfortunately, for people who lose large amounts of weight, excess skin is a common result, and are subsequently left with hanging folds on various parts of their body.

Jess has received some scrutiny throughout her transformation, with many accusing her of undergoing liposuction – something she’s repeatedly denied.

Since garnering plenty of attention on social media, Jessica has received plenty of appreciative messages and comments.

One motivated fan commented:

You look incredible. Keep inspiring.

While another inspired follower said:

Omg what an amazing transformation! Respect.

Whatever Jessica has or hasn’t done, if she’s healthy and happy then fair play to her!

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